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Steve Daymond, Australia: Ruaha Private Camp

We had a wonderful Tanzania safari! Davis is an excellent guide and his intimate knowledge of the parks really made the difference on this safari. Nothing like having a Wahehe guide in Wahehe country! In Ruaha the camping safari was very well organised and everything ran smoothly. Karim and Musa were friendly and very efficient.
The lion hunt/kill and the cheetah with his fresh kill were real highlights (Davis gets so excited with cheetahs) but so was the impala that had just given birth and we witnessed the baby's first breath and first steps. We saw birth and death in the African bush on this trip! But that's not all...... charged by a bull elephant, charged by female elephants, never seen so many Kudu and Waterbuck, felt the wind vortex, on two occasions, created by large flocks of vultures as they took off and circled over our picnic spot, the wonderful morning walking safari with Abdul along the river...... the list goes on and on.