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At Authentic Tanzania Safaris we know that spotting wildlife in the African bush is just part of your Tanzania safari.  We also offer breaks on the beautiful beaches and islands of the East African coast:

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Kara Hanson, UK: Selous Private Camp

We had a great time on our Authentic Tanzania Safaris camping safari.  The camp was all set up...

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We are very proud of the experience our camping safaris give to our Tanzania Safari Guests

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Authentic Tanzania Safaris: Our Passion, Our Vision, Our Vocation

Tanzania Safaris - Lion
Tanzania Safari - Lion

Mention Tanzania safaris in safari going circles and those who tell you they are in the know will only talk about the 'Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater being a wildlife haven not to be missed by any visitor'.

But those who actually know the country best will tell you of still greater Tanzania Safari wonders in the little visited southern parks of Tanzania. There, in National Parks such as Ruaha, Katavi and Mahale you will find the Africa you dream of on winter nights back home. An Africa that is disappearing fast, where the trails aren't congested with vehicles and where you often don't see another soul in the parks, meaning you get the true Tanzania safari experience.

Visit the Selous Game Reserve on a Tanzania Safari and you will quite simply be blown away by the vast and dramatic landscapes and the plentiful wildlife that this enormous uninhabited place offers. The Selous is the largest reserve in Africa, it is four times the size of the Serengeti, bigger than Switzerland and twice the size of Belgium!

It is the opportunity to explore these raw and empty locations which Authentic Tanzania Safaris gives you. Our team will design your personalized adventure through the south and west of Tanzania, staying in the most remote and private areas of the parks where wildlife is abundant. You can trek with chimpanzees, experience a walking safari along trails that no human has journeyed before, swim in hot springs, and on camping safari, sleep under the stars listening only to sounds of the bush around you on your Tanzania safari.

Whilst we can (and do) arrange lodge accommodation on Tanzania Safaris, we believe that the only way to experience this last frontier of Tanzanian wilderness is to get in amongst it. We will set up an unpretentious yet very comfortable private camp for you, in the style of the old explorers, so that you experience the best possible camping safari. Your tents will be spacious, with en suite facilities and warm showers night and day. Your food will be expertly prepared to your taste, cooked by traditional Tanzania Safari methods over a fire, and your drinks will be on ice. Your every need is catered for, but most importantly, our environmental footprint is very small and so you will leave nothing behind.

Wild, breathtaking and exclusively yours: so much more than your average Tanzania safari.  This is the best, and only way to experience an Authentic Tanzania safari.

Our published itineraries on this site are example itineraries - at Authentic Tanzania safaris we specialise in bespoke Tanzania safaris to meet your exact requirements - please contact us to arrange your once in a lifetime Tanzania safari.