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Due to Tanzania's proximity to the equator the climate is generally warm year round ranging between 25 degrees C to 32 degrees C with some regional variations. Humidity can get very high making light weight breathable clothing a must for comfort. Inland and at higher altitudes the temperatures can drop to as low as 5 degrees C overnight. Contact us  at Authentic Tanzania Safaris prior to your Walking Safari or Camping Safari to get advice on what to pack.

With two rainy seasons, the 'short rains' fall between November and December whilst the 'long rains' between March and May. The rains have been somewhat unpredictable in the past few years so it is hard to predict exactly when they will begin. It is generally accepted that the best time to travel on Tanzania Safari  is between December and March and June and October. That said, it is possible to schedule your Tanzania Safari at any time of year as short rain showers do not prevent good game viewing in all parks. Offers are available for off-peak Walking Safaris or Camping Safaris and lodges are less crowded, making your Tanzania Safari a more intimate experience.